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Marcie Writes is Up and Running – Follow Me There!

30 Jan

I am pleased to announce that my self-hosted Marcie Writes site is  up and running. I will no longer be updating posts on this site after January 31, 2012. I will, however, continue to respond to comments.

Also, check out my other sites and social networks:

The Write Design Company – This is my business site where I highlight corporate writing, blogging and social media training and services as well as content creation.

Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource – Find about culture, education, employment, health and youth programs and activities on the South Side of Chicago.

Real Skate Stories – This is your chance to share your roller skating memories in text or video.

Twitter: marcie_hill

Facebook: The Write Design Company and South Side Shorty
Thank you for your support!


Happy 2012!!

1 Jan

Happy 2012

Happy 2012! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. I missed you all, and have been going through blogging withdrawals, but my hiatus was a big huge blessing. I gained clarity into what I should be doing with all my ventures. And I finally figured out how to position the brand of Marcie. Allow me a share just a bit.

  • Marcie Writes will soon be self-hosted.
  • I got rid of my Write Design Company and Shorty Twitter accounts. Follow me @Marcie_Hill
  • I’m going to share literary observations and celebrations, and will to try to make them as fun as possible. Your cooperation will be needed to make that happen.
  • I’m going to try my hand at humor writing and YOU will be the judges.
  • Expect more interviews with authors, writers and other literary geniuses.
  • AND, I forgot to mention that 80s Music is also one of my topics. I don’t know if I mentioned that I heart House Music. You will be seeing more.

That’s my vision for Marcie Writes.  Tuesday will still be our regular posting day; all other days will be extra. What would you like to see?



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Check out My Interviews on The Write Design Company and Shorty

18 Aug

Progress Report

Remember I said I was going to start interviewing bloggers and business owners for The Write Design Company? Well, I started my blogger interviews at Blogging While Brown. I conducted an audio interview with Danyelle Little ~aka~ The Cubicle Chick and a video interview with Chrystal from the Duo Dishes.  They came out very well. I just have to learn how to wrap up my interviews.

Also, I have two audio interviews on Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource. The first is an audio interview with Claudette Redic, the Servant Leader for the Deborah Movement. This is a group of serving families of young victims of violence. I also had a chance to interview Tommy Perez, a Chicago-based actor who absolutely loves Comic Con.

I’m so excited to have just started. Just wanted to share my progress!

Listen to My Interview with Diane Latiker from Kids Off the Block

30 Jun

Diane Latiker

I am partnering with We Are Not Alone – No Estamos Solos to highlight community heroes committed tot he prevention of youth violence. Diane Latiker, the Executive Director of Kids Off the Block, is one who comes to mind when people think of youth programs on the South Side.  She opened her home to the kids in the community to get them off the streets, and they just coming. She started off with about 10 children in 2003 and has about 300 now.

Listen to my interview with this incredible mother, neighbor and community servant now.

If you know of other community leaders who have organizations and programs on the South and West sides of Chicago that are committed to youth non-violence, please let me know.

Image: Baisden Live

Too Excited NOT to Share

19 Jan

Image: zwani.com

I attended Dwayne Hirsch’s networking event last night at Red Kiva, and it was such a blessing. I actually went there to get Garrard McClendon’s autograph for a young lady, and ended up being blessed beyond belief.

First, Lester McCarroll of McCarroll Group, my business counselor was there and encouraged me to approach a producer of a local show to see if there is opportunity to collaborate with my Shorty blog.  I felt like he was reading my mind. He was standing behind me….

Then there was Otis Monroe, President of The Monroe Foundation. His organization helps local nonprofits with grants and capacity building. He told me to attend the grant orientation for the local reporting initiative and to network my tail off. He also told me to introduce myself as THE South Side Resource.

After speaking to Mr. Monroe, I was on 10.  I am positioning Shorty to be THE South Side Resource, so he wasn’t far from the truth.  His encouragement gave me the confidence I needed to let everyone know about Shorty. Now, I need to put that confidence on paper to get this grant.

I just really had to get this off my chest. I also wanted to show how what goes around comes around. You are guaranteed to be blessed by being a blessing.

Purpose Creates Opportunity

16 Nov



In last week’s post, Purpose Add Perspective, I shared how I was disappointed with the results of my Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource blog.  Even though I’m sharing, I’m not hearing anything from my audience. I also shared that I’m so over it.

I’ve told several people about my community site, and they have all referred me to people in the community that I should speak with.  It’s amazing!  One young lady suggested I speak to her husband because he manages a center at a university.  Another person advised me to start writing grants for my site and projects I would like to begin in the community.   I am bubbling over with joy.

Even though I’m not getting conversations on my blog, people I don’t know are appreciating what I do.  That’s purpose.


Image: http://www.ineedmotivation.com

Purpose Adds Perspective

9 Nov


My Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource blog gets at least 1,000 views per month with at least 80% of those being new visitors.  On the surface, this sounds great.  However, there are absolutely NO conversations on my blog.  I had considered reducing my posts to once a week, but I would feel bad about not sharing some of the information that comes my way .

I went through this whole thing about people not caring about what I share and questioned whether I  should continue to put time into something that people don’t care about.  The answer: It’s not about me.  And ” to whom much is given much is required.”

Well, that just stinks doesn’t it?

The reality is: my purpose is to share information.  Nothing more, noting less.  The funny thing is, I wasn’t tripping on making money from Shorty (although it would be nice);  I was focused on the amount of time I putting into this site that may not be appreciated.  But when I really think about Shorty, it has never been about me.  And I will get blessed just from the information I give.  And, I have had great conversations and gathered great resources with a few of the people that have stopped by to leave comments.

What’s my point? I’m so over what was ailing me.  In fact, I am more insightful than before I started my pity party. And, I’m going to do what I am supposed to do on Shorty while focusing on profiting from The Write Design Company.

Want to start figuring out your purpose?  Check out The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

If you already know your purpose? What is it?  Are you living it to the fullest?