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Happy Update: My Self-Hosted Marcie Writes Site is Almost Done

28 Jan

Marcie Writes


Only a few more adjustments and I’ll be done. I hope to be sending you to my site by Sunday. Yes, two days from now. The fun will really begin then. I just wanted to share.  Woo-hoo!



National Letter Writing Week – January 9 – 15, 2012

8 Jan

Letter Writing

This week is National Letter Writing Week. Take the time to write at least one handwritten letter this week, and report back the following:

  1. Who did you write it to?
  2. How did they react?
  3. How did you feel pulling out pen and paper to put thoughts to paper?

Be sure to report back!







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I Want to Teach an After School Matters Program

29 Mar

after school matters
But I missed the deadline.  However, if there are opportunities still available, please let me know.  I didn’t realize that I had things to offer until about two weeks ago.  Here are my two proposed projects.

1. I can have the students to conduct research on African American history, transcribe their information to create booklets of their published works.  These works can be shared via video.

2. Teach them writing and multimedia skills so they find and post community news stories on my blog, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource.  They can also tell their stories on video if they like which will be shown through YouTube.

Marcie Writes

28 Jul
Marcie Writes

Marcie Writes