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Special Interview with Jennifer Brown Banks, Veteran Writer & Pro Blogger

20 Sep

Jennifer Brown Banks

It was totally an honor to conduct this interview with Veteran Writer and Pro Blogger, Jennifer Brown Banks. Jennifer was the 2nd person who encouraged me to pursue my passion of writing, and spent quite a few hours advising me on how to get started, how to grow in my writing career, and how to get paid. Listen to our interview to learn more about Jennifer, what she’s doing and how you can learn what she knows.

Interview with Jennifer Brown Banks

After listening to the interview,  be sure to check out Pen & Prosper and sign up for a few classes at Coffeehouse for Writers.  Remember, she is available to help consult you to success.


Quick Updates on The Writing Life of Marcie Hill

19 Apr

Marcie Hill

I have to make this really quick because I am trying to wrap up my second eBook.  Hopefully, it will be completed in its entirety by the end of this week.

Great news.

  1. Toastmasters Magazines accepted my query.  I will be completing and submitting this tomorrow.
  2. My story, “7 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Live Blog was published on Blog World and New Media ExpoRead it now.
  3. I have another story that will be published on ProBlogger.net this Friday.

Besides Toastmasters Magazine, I have not heard about any of my previously submitted queries. However, I have not followed up on any of them which will be done this week. I am keeping my eyes on the prize and working to make things happen.

One last thing. I have been blessed with free Investigative Reporting workshops, which were on my list of things to accomplish this year. And, I have a story I’m going to pursue. I’m so excited.

Well, I have to run now. Duty calls. Hopefully, my next post will be sharing how to obtain my second eBook.

The Best of Both Worlds

5 Apr

Best of Both Worlds

While sitting in the Writing for the Web workshop sponsored by the Community Media Workshop this weekend, I had a couple of revelations. First, I could have successfully taught that class since I have been blogging for almost three years now. Second, as a journalist and blogger, I am enjoying the best of both of both writing worlds.

As I thought about my writing lot in life, I can honestly say that I’m blessed. I did not go to school for writing, but I am good at what I do. I’m not saying that out of conceit; I’m saying it with confidence. It took years to get to this point.I write or blog every day; I read everyday; and I following blogs on writing and blogging so I can stay abreast of what’s happening in those arenas to make sure I’m on point.  Even with all of those things, I realize that I still have a lot to learn and I’m working it.

When did I realize I was experiencing the best of both worlds?

Three years ago while attending the Unity Journalist of Color conference here in Chicago.  I had just left my job to pursue my passion of writing. I was supposed to be a freelance journalist and got a bit discouraged about the lack of response to my queries to different publications.  In hindsight, I think I should have been more disappointed in my lack of effort to make that happen. Around that time, blogging was becoming a bit more popular, and there was a bit of tension between journalists and bloggers. I loved it. From my understanding, journalists were a little upset about these people coming into their territory and gaining credibility as news sources.  Many bloggers don’t have formal writing or media training, yet, some have more influence than trained media people.  Sweet!

Anyway, I decided to start my first blog during that time while reading Blogging for Dummies. I have been blogging ever since.

As for my journalism journey, it started over nine years ago with the first edition of my newsletter, Shorty In Da House. I didn’t know that writing was gift; other people recognized it and started planting that seed.   The first person to give me a chance was Hurley Green, Managing Editor of the Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper, a Chicago South Side publication.  Thanks Hurley!

To date, my work can be found online and print. In addition to Shorty, which transitioned from print to online, I’ve been working with the Independent Bulletin Newspaper for over five years and  have worked with Chi-Town Daily News. I’ve been published in Mahogany Magazine, N’Digo Magazine, Sister Speaks online publication. Currently, I’m the editor of True Elegance Magazine and contribute to Gapers Block, and have been submitting query letters to local and national publications.

Ahh, my writing and blogging life is a good life. Now, I just have to loosen up and work my humor writing and learn grant writing.  Oh, I forgot to mention. I have been blessed with free Investigative Journalism classes through the Ethnic News Media program at the Community Media Workshop.

Now, that’s purpose!

The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: Marcie Hill’s Blogging Story

24 Sep

Marcie Hill - Blogger - Live Blogger

Click here to read my blogging story at Black Weblog Awards.

The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: The Billion Dollar Blogger

21 Sep

Live Blogging

I am working on branding myself as a blogger and live blogger.  This is so cool. Even though blogging is not a new phenomena, people still don’t know what it is.  This is my chance to educate and show my expertise.

The same is true for live blogging.  Outside of large newspapers and organizations, not many people are doing it.  Now is MY time.  I already have a couple targets in mind.  I know one is going to be successful hands down.  The other market will need a little convincing.

My ABCs of Blogging Book has been copyrighted and is currently being reviewed and edited.  This was a blessing because it was submitted for copyrighting on August 17th.  Today is September 19th.  My goal is to be a published author by October 31, 2010.  That is the first of many books to come.

Now, I’m working on a live blogging book.  There are so many ways to do it; I may just do all of them.

I conducted my Business of Live Blogging workshop at IIT, and it was a success.  I had four attendees which is was great.  I’m looking forward to the next one.

That’s the story of the Billion Dollar Blogger.

Status of Blogging Book

10 Sep

Update on Blogging Book

I completed a draft of my blogging book during the Blogathon in August.  I tried to upload it to Blog2Print but was experiencing challenges.  After that was resolved, I was having problems with formatting. I have yet to hear from the company, but I’ll call them tomorrow to find out what’s really going on.

Honestly, I feel that these little annoyances are the Spirit’s way of telling me that I am on the right path to where I’m supposed to go.  My goal is to be a published author by October 31, 2010.  That way, I will have a book to sell during my workshops which will enhance my credibility and cash flow.

I thank God for Divine Connections and completed projects.  Just wanted to share!

The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: Blogapalooza – August 17 – 18

3 Aug


I don’t have to tell you that the blogger in me (or maybe it was insanity) would NOT allow me to miss this 24-Hour blog marathon hosted by Blog2Print.  It took me 2 whole minutes to decide to do it.  I’m excited!

This is my opportunity to start and finish my blogging book I was going to start writing through The Write Design Company.  I had started drafting it; this is my opportunity to complete it.

On, the flip side, though, what am I supposed to write for The Write Design Company when that is complete?

Who cares?  I’ll be a published author. (Yes, that was a conversation with myself by myself.)

Anyway, I ask for your support and prayers as I deprive myself of sleep to get through this 24-hour event.  You know what? I don’t even know what the prize is for this event.  Now, that really won’t matter when my blogging book is complete and ready to sell in stores.  That’s  priceless!

Allow me to digress for one second. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this opportunity came at this time.  I received a Passing Thought from Sporty King,  one of my most favorite people, that read:

Everyone’s Got One

There’s a book inside each of us. Whether we determine to (or deter from) writing it is the difference.
© July 2010

Stop by Sporty’s blog for more inspirational thoughts.

I also signed up for Write Your Book by Labor Day Challenge sponsored by The Story Lady Ronda Del Boccia.

I’m on the “write” track.

Ok, getting back to Blogapalooza.  The 24 hour blogathon will take place from August 17, 2010; 11:00 am to August 18, 2010; 11:00 am EST. Participants must use one of the Blog2Print supported blog platforms: TypePad, Blogger, and WordPress.

Visit Blog2Print to sign up today!