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Blogging While Brown Was a Dream Come True

14 Jul
Kim Coles, Me & Rene Syler

Kim Coles, Me & Rene Syler at BWA Awards

Blogging While Brown (BWB) was a dream come true for me on so many levels.

First, my Live Blogging 101 presentation was a success.  The only snafu was the slow internet connection at one point which didn’t impact my presentation.  That was my first presentation at a conference as well as the beginning of my speaking career (I can do it without fainting in front of crowds! Woo hoo!). I don’t mind teaching live blogging, but dang it, I need better topics.

Second, I started interviewing bloggers. That was one of the things I really wanted to do for my business blog. Although these were general overviews on blogging, many lessons were learned.

Third, I got to connect with other presenters and professionals in various fields. AND they were all cool.

Fourth, I’m one step closer to my goals based on the conversations I had with these cool peeps. I realized while I was there that I was really encouraging people to get their books written. I have really got to push my book writing coaching services.

Fifth, The Write Design Company got more exposure because it was nominated for The Best Business Blog  for the Black Weblog Awards.

And finally, I got to meet Kim Coles and Rene Syler. Two very down-to-earth ladies.

What are some things that will help make your dreams come true?


My Lessons from Blogging While Brown

13 Jul

Dr. Syb & Me at Blogging While Brown

I really enjoyed myself at the Blogging While Brown conference this weekend, and I walked away feeling like a new person. There was a good vibe in the place and everyone pretty much connected. In fact, the relationships were so strong that I almost felt like an outsider initially. The hearts and sincerity were so welcoming, people just drew you in and you no longer felt like a stranger. Anyway, following are my lessons from the conference.

1. I really need to brand myself. Working on that.

2. Black and white people use Twitter differently. Who knew that this was even a topic? And like all things Twitter – who cares?

3. Black people CAN get along contrary to the intentional negative images and stories on mainstream TV. There should have been a camera there to capture that.

4. A lot of black women bloggers have natural hair. Dr. Syb said she was going to conduct research to find out if there is a relationship between the two.

5. BWB attendees get education and relationship. I walked away from Blog World a social media guru with relationships with Naomi Trower and Blog World’s Facebook page. No one else kept in touch even though I reached out to them.

6. There really isn’t an incorrect way to use social media. You have to find the way that best fits your business, brand and purpose, and work it!

7. Social media success, like any other success, does not happen overnight.

8. BWB hooks you up! We really didn’t have to spend money on food during the conference. They had us covered from Thursday evening to Sunday morning. The event on Thursday evening was sponsored by The Capital Grille, Chrystal & Amir (The Duo Dishes) and Bren Herrera (Flanboyant Eats), but still…we didn’t have to spend any money. The price of Blog World was triple the price of BWB and we got less.

9. I got my first taste of Twitter and Hootsuite Blackberry apps. I intentionally stayed away from them on purpose. But, now I’m hooked.

10. I’m not the only person with 1,001 blogs, 999 Twitter names and 995 other places to find me online.

11. The group at BWB likes to blog and Tweet. I have found that members of The Social Media Club of Chicago like to mostly Tweet while blogging groups like to mostly blog.

12. Black and brown bloggers need more media attention because they have unique perspectives and voices in various topics. Is this opportunity for me???

13. Everyone was way helpful and didn’t mind sharing tips and advice. Great blessings!

14. I’ll be back next year!

My interviews with bloggers and BWB developments will be posted on The Write Design Company. I’ll post links at content is shared or go to the site to sign up for updates.

The Write Design Was Nominated for Best Business Blog!

20 May

2011 Black Weblog Awards The Write Design Company was nominated for the Best Business Blog for the 2011 Black Weblog Awards.  So, I’ll be attending the awards show on the same day I present Live Blogging 101 at the Blogging While Brown Conference. Woo hoo!

What’s even cooler is – I got VIP seating because my blog was nominated. I feel like the Queen of Blogging and Live Blogging.

Do you think it would be strange to live blog the event even though I was nominated? Let me think about that.

Nominate My Blog for the Black Weblog Awards – Deadline May 7th

3 May

Black Weblog Awards 2011

Please nominate my company, The Write Design Company, for the Black Weblog Awards. The ceremony will be held in LA on July 9th, which is when I’ll be there presenting Live Blogging 101 at the Blogging While Brown.

Thanks for your support.


14 Dec


I submitted 2 proposals to present at the Blogging While Brown 2011 in Los Angeles next year, and I need your vote to move forward in the process. Could you take time from your busy schedule to vote for me, please?  Also, could you vote daily if you remember? Voting ends on December 30, 2010.

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