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I Not Only Write Blog Content, I Develop Them, Too

9 Jan


I realized during recent conversations that people think of me only as a content creator when I tell them I’m a blogger. Allow me to dispel that perception right now. Yes, content is my thing, but I also install and develop WordPress sites.

There are several aspects of blogging. For the purposes of this post, though, I will stick with the development and content. The development of sites include installing the software, selecting a design and getting the site to function properly. Once that’s done, you create content to attract and keep people returning to your site.

Please keep in mind that some people who develop and maintain blogs tend to be more technical in nature, and they may not write content. On the flip side, content creators may not be interested in the technical parts. Thus, if you want a site and have no time or interest in doing either, you will have to pay two different rates for the different functions unless you get a total blogging package that includes both.

Luckily, you have me. I provide total blogging solutions and packages. I design wordpress.com and wordpress.org sites, create content, manage your conversations and maintain your sites. Contact me at (877) 570-5228 to get started today!

Image: patheos