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Let’s Promote Our Books, Write Some Letters and Indulge in our Hobbies

3 Jan

You know I’m overly-scholastic, right? I found out that January is Book Blitz Month, Business & Reference Books Month, Letter Writing Month and Hobby Month.

All of them are self-explanatory except Book Blitz. According to Boston University’s site, “National Book Blitz Month, which was created by a public relations executive to encourage authors to promote their own books, focuses attention on improving the relationships between authors and the media in order to create a best-selling book.”

Following are ways I’m going to honor these observances:

  1. Book Blitz: Promote my ABCs of Blogging: Blogging Basics from A to Z and ABCs of Live Blogging: Quick Tips for Live Blogging Success. I’m going to really work on those media relationships.ABCs of Blogging eBook CoverThe ABCs of Live Blogging e-book
  2. Business and Reference Books Month: I am going to indulge in The Handbook of Executive Communications, edited by John Louis DiGaetani. This book was an accidental blessing that I found at Harold Washington Library.
  3. Letter Writing: I am going to handwrite at least 2 letters this month. (Hopefully the recipients can read it.)
  4. Hobby Month: I have been wanting scrapbook for months, but my business is a priority. This is the perfect opportunity to break out with my paper and scissors while letting my imagination and creativity flow.

Marcie Hill's Scrapbook and Card Projects

Those are my plans for these observances. How will you participate?


Progress in My Writing Life

9 Aug


I often give periodic updates on what’s happening in my writing world, and I feel the need to share today.

Book Completion Coaching

I am happy to report that I have 2 clients who want to be coached to completed books. The first client is an 87-year-old writing a memoir about her life as a communist, and the second is writing her book for her business.

Toastmasters Likes Me

Toastmasters magazine will publish an article I wrote in October, and I submitted another story on last week. Now, it’s time for me to get into Chicago, Parade, Time and Legacy magazines.

Writing Classes

I am creating programs for writing classes. I would like to teach basic writing refresher courses to adults and creative writing for teens in an after school program. In the very near future, I will be holding a workshop of some form on book writing. I’ve become quite obsessed with writing books over the past few months. I think it started with the publishing of my ABCs of Blogging and ABCs of Live Blogging eBooks.

I’m Going to Comic Con

Honestly, I don’t really know what Comic Con is in its entirety. I do know that has something to do with the Comic world, and I intend to learn as much as I can while I’m there. Also, I am going to try to get an interview with Pam Grier and Anthony Michael Hall!

That’s all I have for now. If you know of anyone who needs coaching to a completed book or would like a writing class for their group, let me know.

What are some of your recent successes?

The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: Book #2 … and More

24 Aug

Write a book

After churning out a draft of my first book, ABCs of Blogging, within 24 hours for Blogapalooza, it was suggested that I create book #2.  That’s my project for this week. Well, one of them anyway.

That’s the only bad thing about doing something and people know what you can do…they expect it again.  This isn’t totally bad; I just haven’t had a chance to recover from the first book.  Actually, I haven’t sent it to Blog2Print for printing yet because I need to edit what I have.  That will be done this week.

I don’t which steps to take next with the ABCs of Blogging.  I just know that I have a few people in mind who I want to review; provide feedback and write testimonials.  I’ll be contacting my people for advice and suggestions. I’m looking to officially add “author” to my list of accomplishments by the end of September 2010.

Since I no longer have any excuses not to complete my books, a draft of my roller skating book will be completed by December 31, 2010.

Just wanted to share.  Happy writing!

I Survived Blogapalooza!!

18 Aug

I am pleased to announce that I survived 24 hours of blogging and a draft of my book, The ABCs of Blogging, is done.   I got tired of blogging.  Honestly, I don’t know why I’m on here now.  Yes, I do…to let you know I did it!! And I want to thank Dequiana Brooks from Inspired Graphics Media for her continued encouragement through the blogathon.

During the blogathon, I managed to interview Chaka Khan and copyright my book. I feel really accomplished!  Well, I just wanted to share.  I now I have to prepare for my Live Blogging presentation at the WordPress Meetup tonight. Join me if you can!