Many Thanks to Ronald T. Kellogg, Author of “The Psychology of Writing”

20 Jan
Ronald Kellogg

Ronald Kellogg, Professor of Psychology


One day I was thinking about why some people don’t like to write. I know everyone won’t love it as much as I do, but still, I was curious. So, I decided to do a search on the psychology of writing. Lo and behold, there was actually a book, “The Psychology of Writing” by Ronald T. Kellogg, Professor of Psychology at St. Louis University.

I went to the library to check it out, but I couldn’t bring it home with me because it was a reference book. And they only had one copy. Then, I went to Amazon and learned that the prices ranged from $45 to $125. Geez, I just wanted to borrow it for my research! So, I did the next best thing. I found Mr. Kellogg, whom I had never met before, and made a big request.

The subject of my message read: “You don’t know me but I have a huge request.” I told him about the one book at the library and the prices at Amazon, and then I asked him for a copy of his book. He said yes with the stipulation that I put it in general circulation at the Chicago Public Library. DEAL!

So, today, I would like to thank Mr. Kellogg for the copy of my book, “The Psychology of Writing”, which was received today.



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5 Business Planning Tips for Freelancing Writing Success in 2012

19 Jan

Business Plan

What is your writing plan for 2012? Have you figured it out or are you still in the throes of deciding? For those of you who have figured it out, have you written it down so you can see it daily? Regardless of where you are in the decision-making process, following are five tips to help you put your plan into action.

1. What would you like to write?

This is by far the most important consideration of your writing life. Just because you can write various genres, doesn’t mean you should. Initially, go after the topics and genres that interest you most. When I first ventured into freelance journalism, my mentor asked me what I liked to write. I listed about 10 things. She then asked me again in an attempt to further narrow my interests. When that was done, I had five topics and was ready to move forward.

For seasoned scribes, consider adding new types of writing to your resume. If there is a genre you have been considering but never pursued, give it a try. Take an inexpensive class to see if you like it. If you like it, great; if not, chock it up as a small investment in education.

2. What are your writing goals? Be as specific as possible, and make them measurable. Most importantly, be realistic.

Assume you want to earn $30,000 this year. You must map a plan to do it.

• Are you going to write for magazines, trade publications, and online magazines?
• How many articles or stories do you need to write to attain your financial goals?
• Are you writing the next great masterpiece which will take at least six months to complete? How are you going to sustain yourself in the meantime?
• Which type of business, publication or industry will you be serving?

These are all things you need to consider when setting your goals.

3. Who is your audience?

This gets interesting. One topic can appeal to a several audiences in a variety of industries. Don’t limit yourself and be open. Let’s say you have a great passion for apples. This one subject can appeal to other apple enthusiasts, parents, children, health professionals, teachers, apple growers, organic food specialists and even public official if they knew how they could profit from them. You could write for all of these groups or just a couple.

As a business writer, you may be a specialist in certain genres or topics. If business proposals are what you do best, be sure to find those organizations that will use your services on a consistent basis. As a subject matter expert, you have to find those publications and industries that can use your expertise.

4. How do you reach those people?

Research. Find those sources that will lead you to those audiences you wish to serve. The Writer’s Market series is by far the most comprehensive series I have seen. Google, social networks, the websites of individual publications, and the library and local book stores are other great sources.

5. What are you going to do if your work is rejected?

Yes, this is a reality and it needs to be part of your plan. Everyone is not going to accept your work, and the reasons will vary. But you have to have a plan in place for such occurrences. Regardless of what happens – DO NOT STOP! Contact the editor for feedback and use those recommendations to improve future submissions. Also, consider other publications and industries that could benefit from your piece.

Now that you have tips for your writing plan, it’s time to write it if you haven’t done so already. Although you can begin your freelance writing journey without a strategy, your writing life would be a little easier with one. At least write your goals so you can post them where you see them daily. This will keep you on point; it’s great for brainstorming new ideas; and it will allow you to see more opportunities.

To Your Writing Success!!


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My Roller Skating Book Will Be Ready to Sell by February 2013

18 Jan

While perusing the aisles of Barnes & Noble this past weekend, I was intrigued by ALL the Black History  books they were promoting. I stopped to read  many of the titles and felt a little jolt. I got the feeling that my roller skating book should be on that stand next year; the main attraction on top of the display.

Roller Skating History - Marcie Hill
For this to happen, I will need your prayers for favor, focus, direction and divine connections. A little assistance with researching, interviewing and transcribing would help, too. 🙂 Can I count on your support?

Special Interview with Carl West – CEO of MG Media & Founding Managing Editor of TBT News Service

17 Jan

Carl West - MG Media & TBT News Service

Carl West, CEO of MG Media & Founding Managing Editor of TBT News Service is my guest this week. I wanted to interview him for a few reasons. First, he was so committed to his dream of having a hip hop magazine that he left the security of corporate America to make it happen. Second, he has a been a great support in my endeavors. And third, I needed a male voice on my site, and he was the closest person in the writing world I had.

Listen to my interview with Carl to learn about good things he’s done, great things he’s doing now, and even greater things to expect from him in the future. He’s not just an avid business man; he has a heart for the community. After listening, be sure to head over to TBT News Service and sign up for his daily updates.

Watch Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” Speech

16 Jan

Do you think we would ever see Dr. King’s speech come to pass?

Where’s the Regard for John Johnson & the Empire He Created?

13 Jan

Johnson Publishing Company

Update 1/13/12: I received word from Crystal Howard, the Director of Communications at Johnson Publishing Company, that the company has not been sold. But, the building has been, which was the primary focus of this post. I apologize if there was any confusion about the sale of the company vs. the sale of the building. Here is an article reporting the sale of Johnson Products Headquarters to Columbia College.

Ok, I was tryna hold my peace, but I can’t.

Last year, we got word that Johnson Publishing Company was being sold to Columbia College Chicago. To learn that the first and possibly the ONLY black-owned building in the downtown quarters was disappearing before our eyes was heartbreaking. Let’s look at the irony of this situation.

John Johnson was very strategic and visionary in his business dealings as noted in his book, “Succeeding Against the Odds: The Autobiography of a Great American Businessman”. He was calculating in his decision making and actions, which means he researched and prepared for each and every encounter and meeting. It took years of HARD work for Johnson to earn everything he had personally and professionally. How, then, was it so easy for his empire to crumble as a result of poor decision making and other business snafus?

I don’t know the entire story, but I do know that Mr. Johnson is flipping in his grave, a few times. The Crain’s Chicago article said that Johnson Publishing has “one of the largest corporate collections of African-American art.” They also reported, “No word on whether Johnson Publishing will sell the originals or any of the company’s original artwork (though I hear a few pieces will stay with Columbia at the old building).”

That’s horrible! Where is the regard and respect for the work ethic, rewards and legacy of John Johnson?

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Special Interview with Clara Freeman, THE Authentic Woman

10 Jan
Clara Freeman - The Authentic Woman

Clara Freeman - The Authentic Woman

It is a great pleasure to interview author and blogger, Clara Freeman, THE Authentic Woman. Her mission in life is to help women of all ages to go through their “women”  things, which is why she created her Authentic Woman website. However, she just wouldn’t had been complete without sharing her own story in her recently published eBook:  A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story.

Listen to my interview with Ms. Clara now. After listening, be sure to visit Authentic Woman to read the stories of other women embracing their authenticity, and while you’re there, be sure to share your own. And GENTLEMEN, your stories are also welcomed!