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Blog Consultant

In addition to writing copy for blogs, I also design and maintain blogs for busy business owners and professionals and provide consultations. Read the actual blog posts now.

Marcie Hill's Guest Blog Posts

Business Writer

I have written brochures, newsletters, blog content, policy and procedure manuals and simple business reports for nonprofit and small and mid-sized businesses. Some of my clients include:

LuvKare Enterprises

Imagine Englewood If…


In addition to being a regular contributor to the Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper, my journalism successes can found in Toastmasters Magazine, Bougie Magazine, N’Digo MagaPaper, How They Living Ain’t No Joke, Chi-Town Daily News and Sister Speaks Online


In addition to writing and blogging, I love capturing people’s stories through interviews. I have conducted interviews with writers, bloggers and people in the community doing great things.

Writer Interviews

Jennifer Brown Banks

Tasha Clopton-Stubbs

Blogger Interviews

Chrystal from Duo Dishes Food Blog

Danyelle Little from The Cubicle Chick

Scott Hanselman and Terrance Gaines ~aka~ Brotha Tech

Community Interviews

Carol Adams – President & CEO of DuSable Museum of African American History

Diane Latiker – Kids Off the Block

Larry Phillips – African American Initiative at Metropolitan Family Services (MFS)

I am ready to serve you. Contact me if you have any writing, blogging or interviewing needs.


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