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Check out My Interviews on The Write Design Company and Shorty

18 Aug

Progress Report

Remember I said I was going to start interviewing bloggers and business owners for The Write Design Company? Well, I started my blogger interviews at Blogging While Brown. I conducted an audio interview with Danyelle Little ~aka~ The Cubicle Chick and a video interview with Chrystal from the Duo Dishes.  They came out very well. I just have to learn how to wrap up my interviews.

Also, I have two audio interviews on Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource. The first is an audio interview with Claudette Redic, the Servant Leader for the Deborah Movement. This is a group of serving families of young victims of violence. I also had a chance to interview Tommy Perez, a Chicago-based actor who absolutely loves Comic Con.

I’m so excited to have just started. Just wanted to share my progress!


Listen to My Interview with Diane Latiker from Kids Off the Block

30 Jun

Diane Latiker

I am partnering with We Are Not Alone – No Estamos Solos to highlight community heroes committed tot he prevention of youth violence. Diane Latiker, the Executive Director of Kids Off the Block, is one who comes to mind when people think of youth programs on the South Side.  She opened her home to the kids in the community to get them off the streets, and they just coming. She started off with about 10 children in 2003 and has about 300 now.

Listen to my interview with this incredible mother, neighbor and community servant now.

If you know of other community leaders who have organizations and programs on the South and West sides of Chicago that are committed to youth non-violence, please let me know.

Image: Baisden Live

I Can Finally Explain the Difference Between The Write Design Company and Shorty

29 Oct

After several conversations and years of contemplation, I think I can finally explain the difference between my writing consulting business, The Write Design Company (WDC), and my community resource, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource (Shorty).

The Write Design Company

I provide writing,  blogging,  and social media consulting as well as entrepreneurial training through The Write Design Company.  My clients are businesses of all sizes.

Go Shorty Header

Shorty: Your Chicago South Side resource is a community site where resources are shared. I share very little news because that is not of interest to me. I am interested in the people in the community – their thoughts and feelings (they just haven’t been posted yet).

This distinction is important because people who know me know I am a blogger and share information on Shorty; however, they look at me at cross-eyed when I mention WDC. (It could also be the fact that I mention the rate along with the services, especially when they’ve gotten over 8 years of FREE in Shorty).

So, long story short: I am a blog consultant at The Write Design Company who owns and manages a blog, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource. Thus, I am a blogger who blogs for my business, I have a couple blogs that are hobbies, and I’m working on building a blogging business.

Please keep in mind that anything related to the South Side is community.  At this point, I don’t know if it will be profitable financially, but it fulfills my purpose of  sharing information with others.

Volunteer Political Writers Needed

8 Oct

Volunteer Political Writer for Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource

Volunteer political writers are needed to educate readers about the voting process and politicians on a budding South Side Resource site.  The goal is to provide education to voters for the upcoming November 2010 and February 2011 elections.

As an educator and resource, you will:

  • Write 100 – 250 word articles on politicians and their views
  • Share links to resources people can use in their decision making process
  • Post YouTube or your own videos
  • Interview candidates when your schedule permits
  • Attend debates and political forums when your schedule permits
  • Educate voters on how the promises of politicians impact their lives and communities
  • Post once a week.  You can do more if you like, but one day is required


  • No degree required but a high level knowledge of politics is needed
  • Excellent writing skills are required
  • Multimedia skills are needed because photos and videos have to be added to all submissions

If you feel compelled to educate others, please submit the following to

  • A cover letter highlighting your experience
  • Your resume
  • Two original, published writing samples two writing samples

Serious inquiries only.

Vote for Tamia’s Mother’s Day Nomination

26 Apr

Visit Go Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resources and cast your vote for my little sister’s Mother’s Day Nomination.

Change A Comin’ Soon

23 Apr


I have decided to change a few things in my writing and blogging ventures.

First, I am going to revamp The Write Design Website, logo and blog.   The blog will share stories that will turn into a book.  I haven’t determined the topic yet, but that is my goal.

I have plans to start my TV Show to correspond to Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource over the summer.  There is some planning and learning to do.  I had a thought today.  Instead of waiting for the summer to begin, I can start stories now and put them on my YouTube Channel.  Duh!  I’ll be hitting the streets in May.

As Not Seen on TV has been neglected lately, but I know there is a lot I can share on it.  Still trying to determine topics I’m passionate about to keep the blog flowing.   I really want to stay on race and media so I’ll probably pull   topics from The Black Image in the White Mind. Even though the book is 10 years old, I am certain the topics are still relevant.

I’m so excited about my progress and the changes that are coming.

Check out My Live Blog Session

20 Mar

Tom Burrell & Marcie Hill

I did my first “official” live blog session last night at Are You Brainwashed? at DuSable Museum.  It was a panel discussion moderated by Tavis Smiley.  Tom Burrell, Cornel West and Ifa Bayeza were panelists.

Check them out on The Write Design Company or Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource.

That was exciting and fun!