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Read My Article About My Wonderful City of Chicago in Bougie Magazine

16 Nov

Check out my article, Chicago: The Cultural & Entertainment Mecca of the Midwest, in the Inaugural Issue of Bougie Magazine (pgs. 40 – 41). Angela Reed, the creator of this stellar publication, asked me to contribute on Twitter . We spoke on the phone about what she wanted and the deadline, and it was done!

This article is a blessing for two reasons. First, it was a testament that my work is being read and appreciated. And second, I had considered writing for travel magazines and wondered if I could do it. Now, I know.

Bougie Magazine


Read My Story About Erika & Myah Jackson ~aka ~ The Birdie Sisters

20 Oct

I had the honor of interviewing Chicago junior golf champions, Erika & Myah Jackson ~aka~ The Birdie Sisters, for the Independent Bulletin newspaper. Honestly, I felt like a proud big sister as I listened to these young ladies share their stories and tried to teach me golf terms. I still have no clue about golf, but they have gained a fan!  And there is a correction needed on where to send donations to the Youth Sports Initiative. It is Canaan Community Church, formerly known as Canaan Baptist Church, located at 1701 W. Garfield Blvd. Read my story now.

The Birdie Sisters - independent Bulletin Newspaper

The Top 10 Reasons Authors Should Blog

6 Oct

Sifting through ideas

As you can see, I have a thing for blogging. My article, The Top Ten Reasons Authors Should Blog, was posted on Building a Better Blog this week.

A couple months ago, my story, 13 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog, was published on About Freelance Writing.

Check them both out when you get a chance.


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Newest Success: The Wonderful World of Websites – Toastmasters Magazine

22 Sep


I am pleased to share my newest published success,  Wonderful World of Websites-Marcie Hill – Toastmasters Magazine, despite my disappointment of not getting paid. Click the link above and read when you get a chance.

Good things do happen…in spite of….


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13 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog

31 Aug


Great news!  My guest post,  13 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog, was published on About Freelance Writing. This is exciting because it not only shows my writing expertise, it also helps to sell my blogging knowledge.  Check out my story now!


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Major Taylor: A World Class Bicycle Racer

13 Apr

Here is my story about Major Taylor published in the April 14, 2011 edition of the Chicago Independent Bulletin.

Major Taylor - Chicago Independent Bulletin

Blogging Lessons Learned from Julie and Julie

12 Mar

Julie and Julie

Check out my Blogging Lessons Learned from Julie and Julie on


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