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Marcie’s Media Moment: Mixed Race and Light Skin Do Not Accurately Reflect the Black Community

8 Aug


Mixed-raced children do not accurately reflect African American children, and I need the media to stop throwing them in our faces as if they do. Allow me to digress for a second.

Have you ever really looked at the advertisements in the newspapers and commercials?  These companies throw all of these curly-haired children with a touch of color in them to make it “seem” like they are actually trying to reach out to the Black community.  That’s garbage.  If they really want to reach out to the Black community, they need to have all color hues from tan to jet black.  I’m not saying not to include the mixed race children.  I am saying to more accurately reflect African Americans by including darker tones in advertisements. And, don’t just pick the light-skinned ones either.

I know this is probably not a reality in our forever racist America which has gotten progressively worse with a president of African-American descent (who is of mixed-race, by the way), but geez, at least try.

One last thing, I can’t wait until I finally get my business house in order, so my media projects can  be the epitome of diversity. I’m going to do my best to counter mainstream media images and stereotypes. I don’t care if they have more money than me; I can get a lot accomplished at the grassroots level with FREE social media tools.

Image: Hair We Go Products


Marcie’s Media Moment: The Weiner Guy

12 Jun
Anthony Weiner

Image: theyeshivaworld

So, the news has been abuzz about Representative Anthony Weiner sending lewd images on Twitter. And this is absolutely hilarious to me.  The fact that the media is making a big stink about the guy showing his parts is stupid. We have public officials with missing mistresses and high-paid hookers, but they want to scream about a ding-a-ling. Really??  And he lied for a week before admitting his cardinal sin.  Is a public official lying about anything really news? The main thing he did wrong was caved in before his colleagues did. He lasted for about a week; other people take their lives to their graves – even when there is proof.  Otherwise, I don’t think he did anything particularly newsworthy.

But, go with me for a minute to change the race and gender of Representative Weiner according to mainstream media stereotypes. We are going to leave his spouse out of this. To have major Photoshop skills with this one would be great. I don’t, so kick your imagination in gear.

Weiner as a Black Man

As a black guy showing his parts online, he would have either been labeled a sex fiend, sex offender or Mandingo Weiner. And he would have been unemployed by the time the evening news reported the story. He wouldn’t still be the topic of conversation by the end of the week. Yes, he would. They would have shown him being escorted off the Hill by security; they would have shown a mug shot; or they would have shown him in some other negative stereotypical manner.

Weiner as a Black Woman

Sista Weiner would have been the main oversexed vixen in R. Kelly’s next video regardless of the fact that she was intelligent enough to get on Capitol Hill… by the 10:00 p.m. news.

Weiner as a White Woman

She would have been a victim of an online stalker. As a victim, the images would have “accidentally” been sent by someone else. She would have needed counseling by the end of the week report and all the major networks would have run to her rescue by offering to pay.

Weiner as a Hispanic Man or Woman

I can’t really speak on this because I don’t know how the media treat Hispanic people after such events. However, I would liken it to the end of this next video.  They would have been put out quick, fast and in a hurry.

So, I’m done talking about this issue. Oh, but before I go, I do have to ask: how do you think Oscar Mayer feels about Weiner’s weiner getting more attention than their weiners?

Oscar Mayer Weiner