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Special Interview with Carl West – CEO of MG Media & Founding Managing Editor of TBT News Service

17 Jan

Carl West - MG Media & TBT News Service

Carl West, CEO of MG Media & Founding Managing Editor of TBT News Service is my guest this week. I wanted to interview him for a few reasons. First, he was so committed to his dream of having a hip hop magazine that he left the security of corporate America to make it happen. Second, he has a been a great support in my endeavors. And third, I needed a male voice on my site, and he was the closest person in the writing world I had.

Listen to my interview with Carl to learn about good things he’s done, great things he’s doing now, and even greater things to expect from him in the future. He’s not just an avid business man; he has a heart for the community. After listening, be sure to head over to TBT News Service and sign up for his daily updates.


Special Interview with Clara Freeman, THE Authentic Woman

10 Jan
Clara Freeman - The Authentic Woman

Clara Freeman - The Authentic Woman

It is a great pleasure to interview author and blogger, Clara Freeman, THE Authentic Woman. Her mission in life is to help women of all ages to go through their “women”  things, which is why she created her Authentic Woman website. However, she just wouldn’t had been complete without sharing her own story in her recently published eBook:  A Life Toward Authenticity: My Authentic Woman Story.

Listen to my interview with Ms. Clara now. After listening, be sure to visit Authentic Woman to read the stories of other women embracing their authenticity, and while you’re there, be sure to share your own. And GENTLEMEN, your stories are also welcomed!

Congratulations to Jennifer Brown Banks!

5 Jan

Jennifer Brown Banks

Remember I asked you to vote for Jennifer Brown Banks, the creator of Pen & Prosper, for Write to Done‘s 6th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest in November. Well, she placed within the top 20 finalists. She didn’t make it to the top 10 in 2011, but she will this year. Thank you for your support!

Yay for Gloria Robinson Who Placed #68 in the Writer’s Digest Competition!

2 Jan
Gloria Robinson - Writer's Digest 2011 Magazine Writing Winner

Gloria Robinson - Writer's Digest 2011 Magazine Writing Winner

Gloria Robinson is one of my roller skating buddies who submitted a story for the 79th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition last year, and only received a nice thank you letter for her entry. She submitted the same story this year and placed #68. And, she was the only person from Illinois who placed within the top 100.  Read about her experience  and link to her story below. Yay Gloria!!!

In May of 2009, I wrote a piece, which I called Parenting for a Change.  I entered my story in the 79th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition, the Magazine Feature Article category. Unfortunately, I did not win; I received a nice letter, thanking me for entering the competition. Though I was disappointed, I decided I would enter the same article in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition. This time, I received Honorable Mention for my article.  My entry was among the top 100, out of 1,000 participants; I was number 68.

On December 16, 2011, the names of the top 100 entrants appeared on The Writer’s Digest Website.  My article will not get printed in Writer’s Digest magazine, but I will continue my efforts to get it printed in a major magazine.

I encourage my fellow writers to continue to write until something happens—then continue to write until something else happens. It is very important to stay positive, and celebrate with the winners so that your winning spirit directs you to your prize.

My special thanks to you, Marcie, for sharing your triumphs and dreams with me; as I celebrate with you, I embrace your positive energy–which is sure to propel me forward.


Gloria D. Robinson

Vote for Unique Self-Proposition (U.S.P) – A Technologist’s Marriage Vows by Vernessa Taylor

25 Nov

Vernessa Taylor, a business technology guru and one of the coolest people I’ve met on Twitter, has submitted a story, Unique Self-Proposition (U.S.P) – A Technologist’s Marriage Vows, for a competition on Biz Sugar. Honestly, I don’t know what the competition is, but I do want her to win. Please take the time from your busy schedule to vote for her article. And stop by her site, CoachNotes Blog, to leave a comment while you’re there.

You do have to sign up for an account to vote. They’ll send a link to approve your account. Once you do that, you are ready to vote. I know it’s an annoying process, but keep in mind that you may need votes for something you’re doing in the future and you’d want people to make the same effort toward your goal.

With that said, vote for Vernessa’s article now.

Nominate Pen & Prosper for 6th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest

23 Nov

Jennifer Brown Banks

Write to Done
is sponsoring their 6th Annual Top 10 Blogs for Writers Contest, and I would like for you to nominate Pen & Prosper for this honor.  Created by one of my most favorite writers and mentor (yes, I am totally biased), Jennifer Brown Banks, Pen & Prosper shares lessons on writing and blogging. However, Jennifer puts herself and her experiences in her work. It’s amazing.

To learn more about why you should nominate Jennifer, listen to our interview. To nominate Jennifer, visit Write to Done now and following the instructions provided. Actually, I have started the process. All you have to do is find my nomination in the comment section and hit reply.

Thanks for your support! I’m sure Jennifer appreciates you, too!

Oh, you have until December 10, 2011 to submit nominations.

Hurley Green Would Be Proud: Images from Altgeld Library

24 Oct

A couple weeks ago I attended Altgeld Library to hear Clarence Waldron, a senior writer at Jet Magazine discuss how to interview celebrities. There were five adults and at least 8 children in attendance. I was proud to see the young people . I was pleased to pieces when they actively participated.  They asked questions, shared who they would love to see on the cover of Jet and learned about Maya Angelou. One young lady read “Still I Rise” by Ms. Maya and another young lady found the poem on YouTube, so we had a chance to listen to it. I loved it.

Sometimes I have “duh” moments. I forget my camera was in my purse. I took a few pictures of people in attendance as well as the young lady who read Ms. Maya’s poem. However, after the session, I was about to take random photos when the spirit of Hurley Green, the managing editor of The Independent Bulletin newspaper and my biggest encourager, kicked in. I gathered all of the young people and took pictures of them with Clarence. If you look at any issue of The Bulletin, you will see attendees and participants of events gathered together in photos. In addition to helping me in my writing career, Hurley is improving my professional rookie status in photography. Thank you, Hurley!