TV With Website - June 2009

As NOT Seen on TV encourages open and discussions about the history of race in America on the impact on race today as well as the negative image portrayals and messages shared by mainstream media.

Racial divisions create many levels of double standards in America.  However, these double standards are not just about race; they cross cultural, gender, sexual orientation and religious lines. I’m sure other madness has resulted, and these stories will be told.

Also, the negative images and portrayals of minorities, women and other non-white male individuals will be discussed.  While I understand that someone has to be the butt of jokes to make them funny, media sources  grossly exaggerate those aspects that make people, cultures, religions and genders unique to the point of creating stereotypes.  This wouldn’t be so bad if the media weren’t the primary source of information in most people’s lives.  Therefore, the information they share is believed by their viewers, and these stereotypes somehow become truth, which results in many of the divisions we experience today.

The media tell people what to think and how to behave.  Their influence couldn’t be so heavy if people knew history for themselves.  And for that reason, As NOT Seen on TV was created.

Feel free to chime in at any time with any discussion on race and media in America.


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