My Hiatus Begins Tomorrow

30 Nov


I will be taking a break from blogging from ALL my sites during the month of December. Well, as much as I can, anyway. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be working. I will still be working on my blogging trainings (Next one scheduled on December 6, 2011), writing projects and client work. But I do need time to plan.

A few things I’m working on include:

  1. Working on the brand of Marcie. Almost done…
  2. Planning a “10 Years of Shorty” celebration. I started my newsletter in 2002 and made it a blog in 2010. Now, it’s time to celebrate – and get paid!
  3. Compiling ALL my roller skating research and deciding what to do next. Don’t forget to share your story on Real Skate Stories.
  4. Developing a manageable plan to work my business, submit queries to magazines, and manage my blogs.

The only times you will hear from me on THIS blog is when

  1. I request support for contests and competitions – mine or other people’s;
  2. I send holiday wishes;
  3. A class or other opportunity with a December deadline becomes available;
  4. Something SO EXCITING happens that it just has to be shared.

I think that’s it for now. I will do one more blog post tomorrow as a reminder. Otherwise, I will catch you all in 2012.


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