5 Interview “Dos” When Sharing Your Personal Story

25 Oct

Media InterviewI interviewed a person for his personal story, and it was THE worst interview I’ve had this year. Although stories are important in getting your message to others, he had stories for EVERYTHING. Not just regular stories, but big gigantic stories which generally concluded with me asking additional questions because he had not really answered my questions. And, I had to pretend I was interested and listening, even though he had lost me after the first two minutes into the story. Thank God for my voice recorder! So, to avoid being like that other person, I’m going to conclude now with 5 interview “dos” when sharing your personal story:

  1. Answer the question that’s being asked.
  2. Use stories to support your answer. Stories are important, but they should support your response.
  3. Make your stories short.
  4. Get to the point. Attention spans are low, and you will lose people.
  5. Please know that you are important, and so is other people’s time.

I just had to share that story so you wouldn’t do what this person did during our interview. Really, your story is important and you matter immensely, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get to the point and answer the questions being asked.

How have your interview experiences been as the interviewer or interviewee?

Image: medicine.tamhsc

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