Hurley Green Would Be Proud: Images from Altgeld Library

24 Oct

A couple weeks ago I attended Altgeld Library to hear Clarence Waldron, a senior writer at Jet Magazine discuss how to interview celebrities. There were five adults and at least 8 children in attendance. I was proud to see the young people . I was pleased to pieces when they actively participated.  They asked questions, shared who they would love to see on the cover of Jet and learned about Maya Angelou. One young lady read “Still I Rise” by Ms. Maya and another young lady found the poem on YouTube, so we had a chance to listen to it. I loved it.

Sometimes I have “duh” moments. I forget my camera was in my purse. I took a few pictures of people in attendance as well as the young lady who read Ms. Maya’s poem. However, after the session, I was about to take random photos when the spirit of Hurley Green, the managing editor of The Independent Bulletin newspaper and my biggest encourager, kicked in. I gathered all of the young people and took pictures of them with Clarence. If you look at any issue of The Bulletin, you will see attendees and participants of events gathered together in photos. In addition to helping me in my writing career, Hurley is improving my professional rookie status in photography. Thank you, Hurley!


One Response to “Hurley Green Would Be Proud: Images from Altgeld Library”

  1. AG October 24, 2011 at 4:31 pm #

    How great! That’s so awesome, good going! You star is burning bright

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