Marcie’s Top 10 “Must Read” Black History Books

30 Aug

I absolutely love reading Black history books. I feel like an Educated Negro even though I have not read half the books that have been written. Anyway, allow me to share some of the more popular Black history books. I have only read half of these books, but I can’t wait to get to the rest.  If you just have to read one book on this list, read The Mis-Education of the Negro. I promise you, this will be the best education from a book you can get. I love Carter G.!

Enjoy the list.

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  1. The Mis-Education of the Negro – Carter G. Woodson
  2. Brainwashed – Tom Burrell
  3. When and Where I Enter: The Impact of Black Women on Race and Sex in America – Paula Giddings
  4. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou
  5. The Soul of Black Folks – W.E.B. DuBois
  6. Anything by Frederick Douglass
  7. An Autobiography of Black Chicago – Dempsey Travis
  8. Black Metropolis: A Study of Negro Life in a Northern City – St. Clair Drake and Horace R. Clayton
  9. Manchild in the Promise Land – Claude Brown
  10. The Spook who Sat by the Door – Sam Greenlee

What are some of your favorite Black history books?


2 Responses to “Marcie’s Top 10 “Must Read” Black History Books”

  1. Hazel Domangue August 30, 2011 at 7:48 pm #


    I am a member of NABJ-Chicago, and read your article, 13 Reasons Why Writers Should Blog. You wanted feedback. Well, I have a blog of which I am proud. I had written a manuscript about my experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Lesotho, Southern Africa. I attempted to get it published but was having a hard time doing so; and then I decided to publish it on a blog. I have gotten positive feedback from family and friends and a few others, and am pleased that I did it this way. This is my first blogging experience and I am learning a lot from it. I recently added photographs that, I believe, will add to the story line. Thanks, Marcie, for your article that makes me feel good about having put my story on a blog. The main thing I wanted was to share my experience – and that is what I now am doing. You can read my story by Googling “Hazel Domangue” and then clicking on Peace Corps adventures of… BTW, I’ve enjoyed your postings and other articles. Hazel

    • Marcie Hill August 30, 2011 at 8:11 pm #

      Hazel, thank you so much for sharing your experience as a testament to the need for blogs. If you need help with your blogging venture, please let me know. I love writing and blogging.

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