Many Thanks to Sprint

23 Aug


I would like to commend Sprint representatives on working with me with my recent phone issue. Long story short: I got a new handset, my text messaging didn’t work, and the staff worked with me to make sure my issue was resolved. There were good and bad parts to this experience.

The Bad

I called Sprint almost every day to try to resolve the same issue that would not work for nearly a week. How many times did I have to go through the same troubleshooting techniques on the handset that obviously wasn’t working? Yes, this falls under the definition of insanity, but I went along with it. And, everyone kept saying they could help me. No, they could not. I never did find out why my text messaging wasn’t working.

And I have to admit that I wasn’t always nice because my frustration was in overdrive after the third day. Please not that I spoke to them for at least six days.

The Good

Sprint did send me a refurbished handset. And, they were diligent in trying to get my phone to working again.

Therefore, I’d like to thank the staff for their diligence in helping me with my issue.


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