So Much for Encouraging and Uplifting

17 Jul


I had a conversation with a guy who gives seminars ranging from $497 (early bird rate) to $997. He sent me the information and I told him that it wasn’t in my spending plan at this time. I also told him that I would catch him next time. If giving workshops is what he does, I am certain that this will not be his first or last one.

He then suggested a payment plan. I am not willing to put forth the funds at this time, even if I think I need it, because it’s not financially feasible. I told him so. I also told him that I was looking for work. Gotta be able to pay the payments in the plan, right?  This dude told me that I was not an entrepreneur because I was looking for work; I was looking for a handout EVEN THOUGH I told him I would catch him next time; and he told me not to reach out to him again.

The only thing I could say to this was, “WOW.” I could have gotten mad, but it showed me his character and gave me reason NOT to want to work with him anyway.

First of all, if someone tells you they don’t have money for something, they either don’t have it or it’s not important to them at that time.  I’m not going to argue with YOU about MY money. If I had an extra $497, I’d be at a spa somewhere getting away from the madness.

Secondly, telling me that I was not an entrepreneur was so mature (sarcastically speaking). Even though it is entrepreneurial to be creative, most entrepreneurs think before making decisions. I’m sure Henry Ford didn’t just create a piece of crap car and convinced people to buy it. He thought about it from conception to completion to distribution.

And, if I were in early stages of business ownership, this probably would have made me falter and re-think my decision to become an entrepreneur. I’m glad I love me enough not to listen to people; confident enough to know that I’m working my passion and living my purpose; and smart enough to know the difference between humility and arrogance.

Thirdly, I told him that I would catch him next time. How did he get that I wanted a handout from “I’ll catch you next time”?

Fourthly (is this a word?), I said that I was looking for work. In my mind, looking for work and a job are two different things. But if I have to take a part-time gig to eat until my business really jumps off, so be it. In the meantime, I’ll be working on my clients’ projects and sourcing for new ones.

And lastly, With such a reaction, why would I want to work with him anyway?

I just wanted to share this situation because I was a little taken aback my his reaction and statement, “you’re not an entrepreneur.” What would you had done in this situation? How would have reacted to his negative comeback even though he touts himself as inspiring and uplifting? Would you work with him?


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