New Developments at Marcie Writes

15 Jul


To date, I have pretty much been blogging “safely” about my writing life and trying to keep the focus of my site on writing and my business ventures. I’m more than just a journalist and blogger. I’m more than just business. I’m a daughter, sister, friend, community advocate, Black history buff with a bit of interest in Chicago history.

I love sharing the disparities in mainstream media images and messages toward women and black people (although people just don’t get it); I think this world has gone mad and everyone is OK with it; technology has ruined morals and ethics along with politics and social ills; and what happened to basic manners?

Just knowing all of this, why am I trying to define my site and who I am based on what I think is safe? Translated, why am I concerned about what other people think about what I write? This is exactly why I am not further along in my writing life.  Besides, that’s what blogging is for – to share MY thoughts on MY site.

So, it’s time to have livelier discussions on my site. Have you seen my About Me page? I will be speaking on all  those topics. Should I say anything  that offends, let’s discuss. I’m open to open, honest and mature conversation.

What are some topics you would like to discuss? Let’s do this!


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