Blogging While Brown Was a Dream Come True

14 Jul
Kim Coles, Me & Rene Syler

Kim Coles, Me & Rene Syler at BWA Awards

Blogging While Brown (BWB) was a dream come true for me on so many levels.

First, my Live Blogging 101 presentation was a success.  The only snafu was the slow internet connection at one point which didn’t impact my presentation.  That was my first presentation at a conference as well as the beginning of my speaking career (I can do it without fainting in front of crowds! Woo hoo!). I don’t mind teaching live blogging, but dang it, I need better topics.

Second, I started interviewing bloggers. That was one of the things I really wanted to do for my business blog. Although these were general overviews on blogging, many lessons were learned.

Third, I got to connect with other presenters and professionals in various fields. AND they were all cool.

Fourth, I’m one step closer to my goals based on the conversations I had with these cool peeps. I realized while I was there that I was really encouraging people to get their books written. I have really got to push my book writing coaching services.

Fifth, The Write Design Company got more exposure because it was nominated for The Best Business Blog  for the Black Weblog Awards.

And finally, I got to meet Kim Coles and Rene Syler. Two very down-to-earth ladies.

What are some things that will help make your dreams come true?


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