Dear Airport Security: Don’t Lie to Me

11 Jul

Airport Security Check

So, I was told that I was randomly selected for a security at the airport on yesterday. I hate it when people lie to me – even if their job requires them to do so.  My selection was not random. There was something that triggered the check, which is why I was told to step to the side.

On a different note about airport security. Isn’t it amazing how people’s creativity (or insanity) either create or boost an industry? Think about it. We have to take our shoes off because someone tried to sneak a knife onto the aircraft in his gym shoes. I forgot why there is a liquid restriction. All I know is that those two incidents helped more people get hired for airport security AND manufacturing 3 oz bottles. They also made it very inconvenient for everyone else trying to board.

Getting back on point. It would be great NOT to be lied to about why I was being selected for a check as opposed to saying that it was random.  But, it’s a government agency. Should I realistically expect the truth?


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