Go to L.A. With Marcie Hill for $100

16 Jun

Los Angeles

You read correctly. Here is your chance to go to L.A. with me for $100.

All you have to do is give me 300 of your business cards and your business will be placed in front of some of the country’s most popular African American bloggers, entrepreneurs, authors, journalists and social media experts. I will be distributing gift bags during my Live Blogging 101 presentation during The Blogging While Brown Conference and your business can be in that bag.

Of course, this will not apply if your products and services cannot be used by entrepreneurs, bloggers authors and social media experts.  But if they can, then your business should be in their faces.

I have often been asked, “What benefit can my Chicago business receive in L.A.?”

Depending on your products and services, you can be their Chicago connection. If you service them virtually, this is a wide-open opportunity to give your business national recognition.

If you are interested, send your business cards and a check or money order payable to: The Write Design Company to

The Write Design Company
1803 W. 95th Street, Suite 270
Chicago, IL  60643

June 25, 2011 is the deadline for submissions.


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