My Experience at South Loop Elementary School on June 2nd

7 Jun

Children raising hands

My friend, Maria Munoz, called out of her friends to speak at Career Day at South Loop Elementary School. I answered the call and it was a great blessing.

Each grade came to the library to hear Kerry, Frank and me speak about our professions. Kerry is the business manager for New City magazine; Frank is a “Master” wedding planner, a position held only by 58 other people; and I spoke about my writing life. I missed the first session trying to find my post for the day, but I was prepared for the next three.

I spoke about the joys of being a journalist and blogger, my education, and how I left my job in Corporate America to pursue my passion of writing. I asked them if they enjoyed reading and writing; many of them knew what blogs were (potential interns???); and some had already written their books. I was totally inspired.

I kept my talk short because of their short attention spans and left the floor open for questions.  They all had very good questions. There were two that stumped me though: “If you couldn’t write, what would you do?” and “What was your favorite story?” The answer to the first one was easy: photography. I was floored with the second one. What was my favorite story? I told her that it was my story about Angie Stone. That was my favorite mostly because of the faith I had that I would get the opportunity to interview her at The Taste of Chicago. And I did.

It was great. What was even sweeter, though, was when the children asked for autographs when it was over. Talking about making us feel special. It was a perfect ending to a perfect session.

This experience was also the perfect beginning for an inspirational speaking career for me.I could continue to put it off like I have been doing or I can continue to seek other opportunities to add encourage others to be the best they can be through the gifts with which they have been blessed.  It’s time for me to grow to the next level and to take others with me!

I had ideas about children and book writing. This experience has also expanded my thoughts on where to go with that venture. I won’t put it into place right now because time and resources do not permit. However, as soon as other avenues open for me, I running to my destiny.



2 Responses to “My Experience at South Loop Elementary School on June 2nd”

  1. Jennifer Brown Banks June 7, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    This is good to hear. Glad it went well.

    • Marcie Hill June 9, 2011 at 1:38 pm #

      Thanks .

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