Am I Stupid for Helping Other People???

5 Jun

am i stupid

Ok, here’s the situation. I am in need of sponsorship to get to LA to present Live Blogging 101 at the Blogging While Brown and to accept my award for the Best Business Blog at the Black Weblog Awards. I’ve been reaching out to people to ask for the names of 5 companies that I can reach out to. Most people did not respond. One response was a little disturbing.

This particular colleague said that she couldn’t help me because she’s seeking sponsorship for a project she’s working on. While I get it, I don’t get it.

I would have given her at least 3 sources that I know I wasn’t going after for support. Even though we are in need of financial assistance for our projects, I would have tried to direct her so she could be closer to her goal. And, our offerings are not the same. I would love to go to LA with Technorati, Google, at least one of the live blogging companies, Facebook, LinkedIn and Microsoft as sponsors. This would solidify me as a tech expert and I would wear it well.

I also contacted someone at a large media company asking her for the name of the contact or department to which I would send my request. She said that she didn’t know. Which is understandable, but she didn’t offer any other assistance. Not even a “contact the main number.” And, she’s the president of a professional association. So much for looking to “leaders” for help.

So, I said all of that to ask, “Am I stupid for helping other people?”

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