My Thoughts on the Article About Black Women Being Less Attractive than Other Races

28 May
Tasha, Marcie, Wanda, Yolanda

Different Shades of Beautiful

I have not read this story and do not intend to. However, I do have several thoughts on the subject of this article as a black woman.

First of all, this is complete and utter bullshit.Black women are beautiful and have hues that range the color spectrum. We look good and everyone knows it.

Second, America has this love/hate relationship with black people and they publish stupid shit to make themselves feel better. They put us low on the totem pole because they wish they could be like us. We come from a heritage of highly intelligent and creative kings and queens who loved and embraced our bodies and spirituality.

When the slave people went to Africa, they saw people walking around in various states of nudity and made it freakish instead of understanding the culture. Now, black women have a reputation for being loose and ready for sex with anybody and black men are admired for the physical parts.

And since we are on the topic of beauty, why are white women getting thicker lips, fuller hips and rounder bottoms? If they didn’t think it was cute, they wouldn’t be doing it.

Third, it’s so easy to get attention for stupid stuff. People are asking why Psychology Today published it. Seriously, you really had to ask? It’s about the money. Do you see how much attention this story is getting?? And it’s not even true. However, it has made the author and publication very popular within 24 hours.

If I had time for idle stuff, I would come up with a bunch of stuff with stupid title and lackluster content just get attention.  Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who actually care about the well-being of others so I’ll just continue to be a resource.

Fourth, why get mad if it isn’t true? The reaction to this article is amazing. Actually, I think it’s funny how shallow people are. There is a petition to request a from Psychology Today. I signed it to be supportive. In my opinion, it would have been much smarter to write an article to counter that stupid article than it is to get mad. And, I may just do that.

Ok, please know that I am not a racist; I’m a realist. As we have seen over the past few year, white people are saying what they want to say and it is spreading like wildfire. And they have been saying a lot of un-intelligent stuff. But they have the support of major networks. So, why don’t black people counter intelligently with webcams and make those free email accounts and social networks work for them. Uh,YouTube is a godsend.

Last, now that people have reacted to the nonsense, what now? Are we going to continue to be mad or create our stories based on the truth? Maybe this is the opening I need to start writing stories honoring black women. So much healing is needed but we choose to follow the masses instead of working with each other.

That’s all I have to say for now. What do you think of that article?


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