My Salute to Hurley Green

24 May

Hurley Green III

Hurley Green III, Managing Editor of The Chicago Independent Bulletin (The Bulletin)  newspaper, is an absolute godsend. I know the impact he’s had on my life, and I’m sure many of the people whose lives he’s touched through The Bulletin would agree that he’s someone special.

Every week for nearly 40 years The Bulletin has been serving South Siders news that is for them and about them.  Their audience has grown to over 95,000, and continues to grow daily.

I met Hurley when I had to publish my assumed business name in my first venture over 8 years ago, and he’s been my biggest cheerleader ever since. He was first to recognize and hone my journalistic talents after reading my now retired Shorty In Da House Newsletter. He would give me short articles to write for The Bulletin. As he watched my skills grow, he entrusted me with longer assignments. Now look at me. I can’t stop writing!

My personal message to Hurley:

I salute you for being a wonderful friend, mentor and resource. The assignments and expert feedback has contributed to my writing growth in so many ways. Thank you for showing me what you saw in me by helping me to develop my skills as a writer and community resource, which seems to be my purpose.  You have a great big heart which clearly shows through The Bulletin. While the connections and resources I’ve gained through the paper are invaluable; you, sir, are priceless.

Thank you for everything!


One Response to “My Salute to Hurley Green”

  1. Marcie Hill May 28, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    Congratulations on the well deserved recognition Marcie gave you. There are a lot of us who appreciate you as a mentor, businessman, community soul, friend and man. I speak from personal experience that all those great things she said are true. I’m glad you are a part of my life.
    You go boy,

    Gail Mercherson

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