Marcie Hill – Author

25 Mar

The ABCs of Live Blogging e-book

After years of writing for magazines and newspapers; writing, publishing and editing Shorty in Da House newsletter every month for over eight years; and responding to, “When are you writing your book?” with “someday soon,” I am proud to say that I am officially an author.

My eBook, The ABCs of Live Blogging: Quick Tips for Live Blogging Success, is done and on sale.

My mother asked me how long it took to write the book.  Honestly, it probably took a whole month to complete a good draft. That included my initial draft and two revisions. That was also with my adult AD&D.  I then asked two people to review it and provide feedback. They both got back to me within 2 weeks.  So, had I worked the project nonstop, it would have been done within 60 to 90 days.

Here is where the process stopped. I spoke to someone I highly regard who said that he would review it and provide feedback.  He also said that he would give me a testimonial which he has yet to do.  This highly regarded person told me that my book was good, but it would serve better as a free sales piece or white paper as opposed to a book.  He also provided suggestions on how to make it bigger with more information. It was at that point I stopped progressing with what I had and started working on something bigger and better.  Even though I had a good work.

Luckily for me, I have people who pushed me to finish the project regardless of its current state as long as it was edited and easily understood.

What is my point? My eBook, The ABCs of Live Blogging, is done and ready for purchase on The Write Design Company’s site or  I’m currently on getting it into eBook reader format for further distribution.

I just wanted to share my story to let you know that you can write and self-publish your own book. I would encourage you to have a good editor, a good designer, a few dollars (it’s not overly expensive), and whole lotta commitment and motivation.


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