It’s Not Easy Being a Creative Entrepreneur

22 Mar

creative entrepreneur

I was sharing another business idea with my mother and she said to me, “You have so many ideas. Why haven’t you done anything with them.” I almost fell out.

If I had time to implement every idea that came to mind that was profitable and viable, that would be great. If I had help on my current projects and ventures, that would be even greater.  As it is, it’s only me and I’m doing the best I can with projects, networking and client generation for The Write Design Company.  I’m submitting queries to magazines and other publications for pay and I’m maintaining Shorty blog consistently.  And I’m dedicating up to 3 hours a week on my roller skating history research.  Does it sound like I need to add anything else to my list of things to do?

My ideas are good though.

I am obsessing over developing at least one good mobile app idea, but I think I have two with potential. So, I am trying to squeeze one more thing onto my list of things to do.

It’s not easy being a creative entrepreneur.

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