Read My Feature Story on Gapers Block

8 Mar

I had the opportunity to follow one of Save-A-Lot’s street teams as they surprised over 7,000 people with grocery bags with $12.00 worth of food them for a feature story for Gapers Block.

Save-A-Lot Street Team

This was a wonderful way for the store to introduce themselves to their new neighbors. Initially, people were not opening their doors. However, as they saw the team walking down the street and leaving bags on porches and doorknobs, many came out to thank the team.

To learn more about the reactions to the free groceries, read my story at Gaper’s Block.

Images: Marcie Hill


2 Responses to “Read My Feature Story on Gapers Block”

  1. clara54 March 10, 2011 at 5:22 pm #


    I did go over to read your story & left a comment, but, I think it was spammed cause forgot to add the alphabet befor submitting:( anyho just wanted to say how much I truly enjoyed the story! AND that Save-A-Lot is giving back to the community in such an awesome way…

    Look forward to more good reads…

    • Marcie Hill March 14, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

      Clara, I just knew I had responded to this. Obviously not. Thank you for your continued support. And yeah, Save-A-Lot made a wonderful entrance into the community. Let’s hope that they continue with good service.

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