Just a Quick Update

22 Feb


Things are quite busy, but I just had to take the time to give a quick update.

  1. Revising The Write Design website. It is giving me the flux, but it will be done REAL soon.
  2. I have come up with at least three different ways to profit from teaching blogging. Now, it’s time to plan and execute. After I finish this website.
  3. Watching videos on Chicago history. Very interesting.
  4. I have one intern for Shorty and the interest of another.
  5. I’m submitting at least 2 queries per week.  One story was actually rejected by Chicago Magazine, which is great. At least I know they are reading my work.
  6. I conducted a social media presentation at The Women’s Business Development Center and it turned out well.  There was a young lady I knew in the session so I was able to get honest feedback.
  7. I found more great information for my roller skating book.
  8. Great cooperation from live blogging companies. I’m working on completing that soon.

That’s all I have for now. I really want to complete The Write Design site ASAP.  I hope to be in a better position next week.  Until then…

Be blessed.



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