Newest Assignment: Foodie for Gapers Block

16 Feb


I signed up to write food reviews for Gapers Block because it appeared to be the easiest topic for me at the time. You would think that was a good thing, right?  I mean, who would turn down the opportunity to possibly eat for free for about an hour of writing?

So, I have two issues. First, I still have the picky food habits I had as a kid. If it doesn’t smell right, I can’t eat it. No matter how good it looks.  Second, my church fast is quickly approaching and I know that my menu will eventually be fruits and vegetables only.

What am I to do?

Here are two solutions that come to mind. First, since I committed to find the best French fries on the South Side initially, I can eat fries every day until my fast. I should be sick of them by the time my fast comes around and I can recuperate during the fast. Second, I can pick another section to write for until the fast is over.  Third, find healthy options for the early part of the fast and then write about the best fruit and veggie dishes I can find in the latter part.  Please know that NOT writing about food is NOT an option.

What do you think I should do?


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