I Need at Least 5 Clones

8 Feb


What is the going rate for clones these days? If scientists can figure out how to clone a sheep, surely they can duplicate me. I’m only five feet (at least that’s what I tell myself and DMV) and relatively height/weight proportionate according to those charts that were not created by people who choose to ignore that the physical makeup of people of races are not always in line with America’s standards of health and beauty.  But I digressed.

This is why I need clones:

  1. They can work while I sleep.
  2. They can do the busy work of the Write Design Company while I generate more business.
  3. They can conduct the research and interviews for my roller skating book.  All I’d have to do is write it.
  4. They can go out into the community and build relationships while maintaining my Shorty site. They will even edit the content.
  5. They can go to business meetings, network and qualify leads.
  6. They can read business magazines and give me the information that will impact my business and industry.
  7. They can follow-up on all contacts made.
  8. They can help recruit and hire people needed for all ventures.
  9. They can work on branding my ventures locally and internationally.  Yes, Shorty will be known all over the world.  The Write Design Company will provide blogging services, training and coaching to international organizations.
  10. They can write all of my freelance writing assignments.

I just had to share this because I’m doing my thing. Not all of those things above! Most of that is my wish list with sleep being the main wish.

You will tell me the rate of cloning if you find out, right???

Image: guardian.co.uk


One Response to “I Need at Least 5 Clones”

  1. Mim Rose February 10, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    I’d love a few clones myself, as a single mom of three!
    On a serious note there is a need to regulate technology in order to ensure somebody in China doesn’t start manufacturing these to the detriment of all. If we aren’t leaders in the techmnology, we can hardly take place in these discussions. Check out the article on Pres. Obama’s Bioethics Commission Report:


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