Marcie’s RandomThoughts

1 Feb

Marcie's Random Thoughts

1. It is really frustrating to care when it appears that no one else cares.

2. Sometimes faith is ALL you have.

3. People need to pray for wisdom so they will know when to shut up and when to speak up.

4. It’s extremely hard to elect candidates to represent me that I know in my heart could care less about me or the needs of my community.

5. I have received several promotional pieces from aldermanic candidates on plain white paper with less than impressive pictures. If they are not willing to invest upfront funds to at least look qualified for the position, they are definitely not worthy of the vote even if they need the $110,000 salary. And get rid of the “sbcglobal” e-mail address!  You’re supposed to be a “professional” public official.

6. Why do the people who say the least relevant stuff on Facebook get the most comments?

7. What do you do while you wait for God to open the doors?

8. Why do some people work all their lives and never really get what they want?

9. Why do people expect other people to do things for them when they are quite capable of doing them themselves?

10. Why can’t well all just get along?

And the best one of all, spoken to me by one of my mentors KW:

11. “Don’t p*** on me and then tell me it’s raining.”  I feel like I’m drowning these days.


2 Responses to “Marcie’s RandomThoughts”

  1. clara54 February 2, 2011 at 9:35 pm #

    I feel you Marcie:)
    You’re no alone in your random thoughts.

    I just wrote a few affirmations at my authentic woman blog as they address some of the things in life we hardly have control over…

    Chin up!


    • Marcie Hill February 2, 2011 at 11:15 pm #

      Thanks, Clara. I’m be checking you out shortly.

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