My Bio Had I Been “Notable” Enough for Wikipedia

11 Jan

According to Wikipedia, if you don’t meet certain criteria , you are not notable enough to be included on the site.  Truth be told, half the people I’ve seen on Wikipedia – on purpose and by accident – don’t hold much weight.  But hey, those are their rules.  Why I am I writing about this? I asked a colleague to post my biography on the site, but learned I was notable enough.  Since I don’t fit Wikipedia’s standards, allow me to share them now  This is a rough draft, of course.



Marcie Hill

Marcie Hill

Marcie Hill’s Biography for Wikipedia

Marcie Hill is an American entrepreneur, journalist, blogger and live blogger.

Early History

Hill was born and raised on Chicago’s South Side.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Illinois University and Master of Science degree from National Louis University.


She worked in Human Resources for twelve years before leaving her job to pursue her passion of writing.  To date, her literary successes range from community to celebrity profiles.  She currently contributes to The Chicago Independent Bulletin newspaper, N’Digo Magapaper and several online and print publications.  Previously published works can be found in Mahogany Magazine and

Hill is the Founder and President of The Write Design Company (TWDC) where they help clients build their brands and long-term relationships through conversations via writing, blogging and social media.

She owns and manages three personal blogs: The Write Design Company (, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource ( and Marcie Writes (  TWDC provides information and resources on entrepreneurship, writing, blogging, live blogging and social media.  Shorty connects residents to resources, and Marcie Writes shares Marcie’s published works as well as thoughts on various topics.

Near Future

She is a published author and highly-sought-after speaker and presenter.


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