If I Could Have A Brutally Honest Conversation with President Barack Obama

7 Dec

Barack Obama

Poor President Obama.  It is obvious he is purposed for presidency because anyone else would have been out of the White House by now.  By choice.  The Tea Party people would not have had to worry about him. But God put Prez Obama there; and God is keeping him there.

His presence in the White House is not without its challenges, but I don’t know if any other president has been treated with as much disrespect and hatred as this man has.  I will admit that I’m not a presidential scholar. Out of the 40 something presidents (see I don’t even know the exact number), I’m familiar with Washington, Jefferson, Adams (I think there were two) Lincoln, Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bush and Bush, Clinton, Carter, Reagan, and Obama.  That is not good, but at least I’m honest.

Anyway, if I could have a brutally honest conversation with Mr. President, I would ask him the following questions.

  1. How does it feel to be treated like a nigger by the people who work for you despite holding the highest position in the United States ?
  2. How does it feel to be held accountable for the current economic crisis even though you didn’t create this mess?  And then there are the expectations for you to fix it immediately.
  3. How does it feel to not  have the  support of the black community?
  4. What were you thinking when Congressman Joe Wilson called you a lie in public?  Why wasn’t he fired?
  5. What are your real thoughts about all of the allegations about your religion and place of birth?
  6. If you could do it over, would you run for president?
  7. How does it feel to have a partner who supports you?
  8. How long do you think it would take to repair the current economy?
  9. Do you think you will have hair after your four years?
  10. How many times a day do you curse, smoke and pray?

These are just some of the questions I would ask.   If given the chance, I would definitely have this conversation with President Barack Obama.


2 Responses to “If I Could Have A Brutally Honest Conversation with President Barack Obama”

  1. clara54 December 8, 2010 at 8:19 pm #

    Great Questions for our president,Marcie! I wouldn’t treat anyone with such disrespect & disregard for authority in the way these Republicans and many Democrats have:(

    He’s a mere mortal,but, mindful of Daniel in the lion’s den; he will survive it…

    Peace and blessings,

    • Marcie Hill December 9, 2010 at 3:39 am #

      It’s such a shame really, and should not even a matter of black or white. It should be a matter of respect for the person. Maybe in another life.

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