4 More Ways Human Resources Prepared Me for Journalism

2 Nov

Human Resources

This is a continuation from my blog post on last week, 4 Ways Human Resources Prepared Me for Journalism.  I never realized how much I learned from HR until I wrote this article.

1.      I may not get paid my worth

“You will never get paid what you’re worth when working for someone else,” was the message of a guest speaker in my 4th grade class.  During my HR career, I understood what he meant.  My first magazine gig paid me $25 for a 1,200 word story.  I could have been upset about that but to have my work read by a huge audience was invaluable.  Because I know that different publications pay different rates, I will continue to be flexible and keep on writing despite the word count/pay rate ratio.  Once I build a name as a journalist, the sky is the limit.

2.      Learn as much as you can to increase your worth

Generally speaking, the more you know the more you’re worth.  The writer that can write well and take good photos will be worth more than a scribe.  Also, the more topics you are well-versed in and the more genres you write successfully will determine the number of income streams you’ll have.

3.      Have a good filing system

Filing systems were used to classify and locate employee information in HR.  It was easy to refer back to notes and verify other relevant information. In my world of journalism, I may look back and find that I missed information that could add spice to a story or discover story angles that were overlooked.

4.      I’m a fall guy

As the middleman in HR, I got blamed for what people didn’t know even though I did my best to communicate everything.  I already know that I’m going to have to take the slack for the words of others as a writer. That’s part of the job, so I’m preparing myself.

Without my HR experiences, I wouldn’t be as effective and dedicated to my journalism profession today.  So, I have to thank God for what He’s done and what’s to come.


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