I Can Finally Explain the Difference Between The Write Design Company and Shorty

29 Oct

After several conversations and years of contemplation, I think I can finally explain the difference between my writing consulting business, The Write Design Company (WDC), and my community resource, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource (Shorty).

The Write Design Company

I provide writing,  blogging,  and social media consulting as well as entrepreneurial training through The Write Design Company.  My clients are businesses of all sizes.

Go Shorty Header

Shorty: Your Chicago South Side resource is a community site where resources are shared. I share very little news because that is not of interest to me. I am interested in the people in the community – their thoughts and feelings (they just haven’t been posted yet).

This distinction is important because people who know me know I am a blogger and share information on Shorty; however, they look at me at cross-eyed when I mention WDC. (It could also be the fact that I mention the rate along with the services, especially when they’ve gotten over 8 years of FREE in Shorty).

So, long story short: I am a blog consultant at The Write Design Company who owns and manages a blog, Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource. Thus, I am a blogger who blogs for my business, I have a couple blogs that are hobbies, and I’m working on building a blogging business.

Please keep in mind that anything related to the South Side is community.  At this point, I don’t know if it will be profitable financially, but it fulfills my purpose of  sharing information with others.


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