Why are there Grants for Physical Education in Schools?

13 Oct

physical education

I received an e-mail about Illinois State offering grants for nutrition programs and physical education in schools.  This is quite disturbing considering these programs could still exist in schools if it were not for corrupt and greedy politicians running the system.  They are steady getting richer while the school system is getting poorer along with the level of education children are receiving.

And, if the “powers that be” were to take time from their busy schedules to actually attend schools and read the local papers about the rates of violence in large “urban” areas, they would witness the obesity problems firsthand.  The little porkers walking down the street; all of the flaming hot Cheetos bags on well-manicured lawns; and the inability of children to run and play outside because of violence are just some of the health issues young politicians would see if they actually dared to venture into such communities.  This is not to say that these communities are bad.  I am saying that they are not good enough for the political people until election time.  Ok, I digressed.

I still say it’s a shame that the state government has to step in to pick up where local, greedy and corrupt politicians fell off.  I’m not complaining; at least something is being done to address the issue.  But, it should have been taken care of at home first.


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