Volunteer Political Writers Needed

8 Oct

Volunteer Political Writer for Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource

Volunteer political writers are needed to educate readers about the voting process and politicians on a budding South Side Resource site.  The goal is to provide education to voters for the upcoming November 2010 and February 2011 elections.

As an educator and resource, you will:

  • Write 100 – 250 word articles on politicians and their views
  • Share links to resources people can use in their decision making process
  • Post YouTube or your own videos
  • Interview candidates when your schedule permits
  • Attend debates and political forums when your schedule permits
  • Educate voters on how the promises of politicians impact their lives and communities
  • Post once a week.  You can do more if you like, but one day is required


  • No degree required but a high level knowledge of politics is needed
  • Excellent writing skills are required
  • Multimedia skills are needed because photos and videos have to be added to all submissions

If you feel compelled to educate others, please submit the following to shorty@goshorty.net:

  • A cover letter highlighting your experience
  • Your resume
  • Two original, published writing samples two writing samples

Serious inquiries only.


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