The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: My Journalist Journey Begins

28 Sep

My story began the day I left my human resources career to venture into the world of journalism.  I was so excited. I left with a goal to become one of the top journalists in the world.  My works weren’t just going to be found in Chicago Magazine and Ebony (although both would have been nice), I was going for Time, Cosmopolitan, Essence, and Parade.  Needless to say, none of this happened.

I am pleased to report that I wrote the cover story for N’Digo MagaPaper the month after I left my gig. My story was called Girl Power, celebrating women entrepreneurs.  I was blessed to meet powerful women with beautiful spirits. And, I’m a contributor to The Independent Bulletin Newspaper, a community newspaper.  Prior to leaving my job, I was published in Mahogany Magazine thanks to Jennifer Brown-BanksYes, it pays to know editors.

Desperate Women - Not Just on TV

Getting back to the subject at hand. I can point out three reasons why my journalistic journey did not take off like I thought it would.

First, I punked out at the prospect of sending query letters to get ideas accepted.  I did have one idea accepted by Essence, but they never came back for publishing.  Rejection is a hard pill to swallow, even if it’s for story ideas.

Second, magazines started folding with the economy which made competition stiffer.  I was a newbie in the industry competing against years of talent.  I punked out again.

Third, I was introduced to the concept of blogging.  Then, I fell in love with it.  I can’t stop blogging.  I have moved into live blogging.  Yes, I have blogging on the brain!

While I never regret my decision to leave, I do sometimes wonder what would have happened had I stayed on point with my journalistic journey. Would I be the worldwide journalist I set off to be?  How long would it had taken?

I know it’s not too late to make that part of my dream come true?  After I get The Write Design Company and Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource on point, I am going to CONSISTENTLY write and submit stories to the above-mentioned magazines until I am published.  This is not for fame; it’s satisfaction in knowing that I did not give up.

In retrospect, I can honestly say that my journalistic journey was not in vain and it definitely was not a failure.  I was just detoured by a new love.  It’s now time to return to where I began…to my humble writing beginnings.


2 Responses to “The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: My Journalist Journey Begins”

  1. clara54 October 1, 2010 at 8:01 pm #

    Bravo for you Marcie! Who says you can’t multitask?! Keep moving forward in whatever you set your mind on doing and hey, I’ll soon be reading you on those MAGS… No doubt! 🙂


    • Marcie Hill October 4, 2010 at 9:41 am #

      Clara, thanks for all of your support. You are totally precious.

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