Media's Love – Hate Relationship with Black People

20 Sep

love hate

I think mainstream media has a love-hate relationship with black people.

On the one hand, they overload the airwaves with negative images, messages and music about black people.  On the other hand, there appears to be an obsession with this culture they only know about from a distance.  Maybe their curiosity is what makes them mock those people they only know about through speculation and assumptions.

For example, there is an obsession with African American features. Today they are being negatively portrayed in music videos with emphasis on sexuality, not  true beauty.

Prior to the Black is Beautiful movement, black people were treated as unworthy of media attention unless they were buffoonish.  But when they became beautiful to mainstream media, everyone noticed.  Their hips, lips and high cheekbones were emphasized, not their booties. Today women of other races are getting surgeries for thicker hips and lips.  Which leads me to ask: if you hate me that much, why are you trying to look like me?  AND, unless it’s on 20/20 or some other news show, reports will these topic will NOT be seen on TV.

Also, generally speaking, a certain style of slang is associated with African Americans.  Why are there McDonald’s commercials with non-black people speaking slang?  They are not good enough to be on TV but their “vernacular” is so cool that you try to get other people to imitate it?  NICE!

I have a question that is not on topic.  Why is there a show about black hair and not one on white hair?  They use just as many extensions as black people do yet it is not reported.  What’s up with that?  Please explain because I don’t get it.

What are other examples of the media’s love-hate relationship with black people?


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