The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: Book #2 … and More

24 Aug

Write a book

After churning out a draft of my first book, ABCs of Blogging, within 24 hours for Blogapalooza, it was suggested that I create book #2.  That’s my project for this week. Well, one of them anyway.

That’s the only bad thing about doing something and people know what you can do…they expect it again.  This isn’t totally bad; I just haven’t had a chance to recover from the first book.  Actually, I haven’t sent it to Blog2Print for printing yet because I need to edit what I have.  That will be done this week.

I don’t which steps to take next with the ABCs of Blogging.  I just know that I have a few people in mind who I want to review; provide feedback and write testimonials.  I’ll be contacting my people for advice and suggestions. I’m looking to officially add “author” to my list of accomplishments by the end of September 2010.

Since I no longer have any excuses not to complete my books, a draft of my roller skating book will be completed by December 31, 2010.

Just wanted to share.  Happy writing!


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