The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: There is Strength in Tears

20 Jul


One day I had a huge crying spell.  Some of it was professional, but I think it was more spiritual in nature.

I am moving to a new level in life in general.  But, there are some things that God is telling me to do that I really don’t want to do.  It’s not that I can’t do them; I just don’t want to.  These things will take me waaay out of my comfort zone and put me in different positions personally, professionally, spiritually and financially.  That was such an emotional strain because there was no way I could win in this situation.  Obedience is ALWAYS a good idea.

So, I cried it out and got over it.

For one of the things I’m supposed to do, I presented it to my Toastmasters group and got good feedback.  Also, my little sister is a great help and my best critic.  I’m still working on the other few things, and I’m moving forward according to God’s will.  And, I really think the things I’ve been fighting will take The Write Design Company and Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource to new levels. In fact, I know they will.

I know I’m in my own way, but I like sitting behind my computer sharing my thoughts in writing.  It took me two years to attain the level of confidence I have in my abilities at this time.  Now, I have to do something else? There is a quote that says that God doesn’t call the qualified; he qualifies the called.  I guess those last two years were to get me to this point.

Now, it’s time for me work what God has given me.  Which is OK now.  That crying spell gave me the strength to do what He would have me to do.  And, I’m ready to go.


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