As NOT Seen on TV: Marcie's Thoughts on Michael Vick

19 Jul

While conducting research on Michael Vick’s latest act of judgment, or the lack thereof, I found topics of news stories contradictory in nature.

Michael Vick

First, there were reports that the NFL is going to punish him for the results of his latest party.  Then, there were the stories of why he should be in Philadelphia.  All of the reports I read were written between July 1st and July 18th.

What are these contradictory reports saying to the young people keeping up with Vick’s stories?  In my opinion, it’s telling them that it’s OK for athletes to get into trouble because they are probably still going to have a job anyway.  Nice paying jobs.  And,they can pay their way out of trouble.

Hell, what is it saying to Vick?  This dude has already been in trouble, served his time, and is wrapped up in mess again.

I have three thoughts or questions about Mr. Vick:

  1. Why would he throw a public admission party? I’m questioning his ability to think rationally.
  2. What type of people does he has in his life that would allow him to throw such a party knowing that his name is already tarnished?  These are not real friends.
  3. Why is Vick not willing to let his past go?  This is the root of all his evil.
  4. When will this guy learn?

These are just my thoughts on Michael Vick.  I’m not hating on this man by any means.  However, I do have a problem with the contradictory messages that are being sent to young people as a result of his bad judgment and his continuing career.

I don’t want him fired because he has to eat, but he also needs to know that insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.  As long as Vick continues to hang around the same people he did prior to the NFL, and think the same way he did in his early years, his name is going to continue to be associated with mess.

When is he going to learn?


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