As NOT Seen on TV: Black Inventors

11 Jul

Chicago's First Black Inventors Entrepreneurs Organizations

Whenever we look at TV or movies, you always see people coming up with inventions or interesting concoctions.  If my memory serves me correctly, none of these people were black except Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, on Family Matters.  If you do recall seeing black people creating things, were they practical, and not silly or simple?  If you can recall seeing these images, let me know.  I know I missed it.

Believe it or not, black people invented many things we use and take for granted today.  Traffic signals, lawn mowers, elevators, pencil sharpeners, mops, and dustpans are just a few of the creations resulting from the genius of black people.  Unless you research these things on your own or watch PBS or the History Channel, this information would not be known.

What’s my point? Black inventors are still expressing their creative genius today.  And, they are still NOT Seen on TV.

I had a chance to experience black inventors firsthand at the Chicago’s First Black Inventors Entrepreneurs Organization (CFBIEO). Who knew such an organization existed?  I was impressed by the number of current and inspiring inventors there are, and the diversity was encouraging, too.  I met a board game creator; product marketer; and intellectual property attorneys.

Calvin Flowers is the Founder, Chairman and Executive Director of CFBIEO.  He has served in this role since 2004.  Prior to starting the organization, he invented, patented and sold his invention, Tel-Lock to stores such as Walgreens and Supervalu.  A legal battle ensued and he won, but the situation set him on a mission to help others to avoid such mishaps, if possible.

I just wanted to let you know that contrary to what is seen on TV, black inventors do exist.  You can meet them at Chicago First Black Inventors and Entrepreneurs Organization.  Visit their website for more details about the organization, their meeting schedule, and the prices and benefits of membership and the cost to join.

Let’s work on getting this organization and its faithful inventors the proper recognition they deserve so they can be seen on TV.


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