The Writing Life: My Purpose In Writing for Teens

29 Jun

What's Your Soul Purpose

Writing is not only my passion; it’s my purpose.  I know I have been commissioned by God to share things people would not know otherwise, thus Shorty: Your Chicago South Side Resource and As NOT Seen on TV.  However, I am still trying to determine my writing purpose for my teens (when I finally get to them).

In addition to teaching the art of writing (which I pray I am qualified to do), I think I should be sharing black history and technology information.  Both, I feel, are lacking in the school system.  If I give these young people the tools to create a living, they should eat the rest of their days.  I know a lot of stuff, and I would probably be condemned to Texas with George W. if I don’t pay what I know forward.

I just had a cool thought.  As a future employer of teens, I will be teaching the past and the future.  That is so cool. I just have to figure out a creative way to get this information across.

Actually, I think my Shorty cartoon will be essential in making this happen.  Come to think of it, I might just have my teen crew to create it.  It depends on their level of motivation, though.  Can’t turn Shorty over to just anybody. 🙂

These were just my thoughts about my purpose in writing for teens.


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