Double Standards in Speech & Race in America

21 Jun

Double Standards in Speech

Double Standard in Speech

Why are black people who speak on obvious racial differences considered militant? Yet white people who speak their ignorance of racial differences (on so many levels) are practicing freedom of speech.

Double Standard in Speech & Race

It is my opinion that no matter how educated, how cultured or how well spoken a black person is, he or she will always be considered a nigger or Negro to the white people who control America as evidenced by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. According to Mr. Reid, President Obama had a good chance for his current  position because he is a “light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.”  (And Negro is so 1960s, by the way.)

Would the statement about President Obama’s “dialect” had been made if Obama was not African American?

Did anybody say anything about former Prez. George Dub-ya’s inability to construct, let alone speak, an intelligent sentence in any dialect?


Before any of the federal agencies come after me for this blog post, please note that I am not into politics; I can just spot bulls**t when I see or hear it.  And  if you are employed by the government, I am certain that you feel it more than I do.


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