The Writing Life of Marcie Hill: Marcie’s Lessons – June 2010

19 Jun

Marcie's life lessons - June 2010

Here are my lessons for June.

  1. I have everything and everyone I need at this moment to make my dreams come true
  2. I know more than I think I know
  3. I am smarter than I think I am
  4. My success or failure is in my hands
  5. It helps to be surrounded by people who care even if they don’t always listen to your ramblings.  At least they look like they’re listening
  6. I’m really close to my gold.  I just have a little more digging to do.  At least my shovel is less heavy
  7. I am almost done with my classes.  Now, I need an audience to share my knowledge with.
  8. No one knows what you don’t know unless you tell them.
  9. Courage, faith and tenacity will carry you everywhere you want to go.
  10. Stay off of social networking sites.  Being social does not equal to productivity.

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