Black Women Need to Get Outraged Like the Pakistanis

7 Jun

Angry African American

There was an article in Yahoo about YouTube and Facebook being blocked in Pakistan because of “online content deemed offensive to Islam.”  Both internet and mobile access were denied in that country.

Two quotes in the article really got me to thinking…  The first was from a young lady who said, “We are ready to die protecting the honor of our beloved Prophet Muhammad!”  The second quote was made by Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit.  He said that “Such malicious and insulting attacks hurt the sentiments of Muslims around the world and cannot be accepted under the garb of freedom of expression.”

I was totally in awe of these people because they were so passionate about their religious leader that they were willing to disconnect from the rest of the world to ensure that the utmost respect for him was maintained.  After I read this article, I started to wonder why black women were not outraged about the images, words, and other offensive treatment committed toward them by mainstream media.

The article stated that websites were banned for “content deemed offensive.”  All electronic forms of communications were cut off.  The Pakistanis were not allowing disrespect by anyone in any form.  Black women, on the other hand, are disrespected daily by media outlets, from traditional media to explicit lyrics in hip hop songs to the booty shaking in music videos.  We have been reduced to sex objects, yet no one is saying anything.  Am I the only person who finds a problem with this?  Yes, it can be argued that these words and images are not directed at me personally.  But, we are all affected by these portrayals.  I won’t go into how; that’s another blog post.

These Islamic believers were ready to give their lives to protect the honor of their leader.  This is a person outside of themselves, yet their reaction to the actions of others was taken personally.  In my opinion, the lack of action and reaction by black women to the disrespect shown by American media can be construed as acceptance.  The fact that black women are not protesting against media portrayals says that we are OK to being reduced to sex objects and other stereotypes.  Newsflash.  This is NOT OK.  Speaking amongst ourselves does not produce results.  It just stimulates more conversation and no action.  Black women are just as precious as Prophet Muhammad. Unfortunately, everyone understands their value as human beings except us.

Do you know what would happen if black women got upset about the media’s disrespect and disregard?  I don’t know, either.  But I do know that we would begin to have a higher level of respect and appreciation for ourselves and others.

Notice to all black women:  Get outraged with media companies like the Pakistanis did with YouTube and Facebook.  You have more power than you know; use it!  You are just as precious and valuable as anyone else.  You just have to know it.


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